I Want Me Some

I'm looking 'round to see what I can find

You're flashing like a bright neon sign


What you got

Is smoking hot

And I want some
What you got

I like alot

I Want Me Some


Finally could love have come for me?

Oh baby, are you real or just a dream?


(Double Chorus)


If I give my heart

Don't tear it apart

Will you catch me when I fall?


(Lead Guitar Solo)


Nobody else can make me wanna stay

Even when you set out to misbehave


(Double Chorus)


Night Dog

What's that

Hiding behind the tree?

Them amber eyes seem to follow me

Think fast

I think it's time to leave

Please don't follow me


Night Dog

Wherever you are

Don't be looking for me

Night Dog

Playing in the graveyard

In the silence

Hides the violent

And you'd swear he was smiling

Night Dog


He's lurking

In your neighborhood

With pointy ears and a coat of fur

He's grinning

Quite maliciously

While eyeing you deliciously


Night Dog

Wherever you are

Don't come looking for me

Night Dog

Playing in the graveyard

Heed the silence

(And) Skirt the violent

Though he may be smiling

Night Dog


Hear it creeping

Through the misty woods

Reluctantly you turn to look


(Repeat Chorus)

December Dreams

Christmas time

My favorite holiday

(The) Smell of pine

Brings memories of younger days

I was carefree

In my December Dreams


Then I found you

(An) Enduring love grew

Floating in my December Dreams


Christmas Eve

St. Nick's on his way

(In) Red and green

(With) Silver bells upon his sleigh


In my December Dreams


When I found you

My heart was rescued

(I'm) Happy in my December Dreams


Now every year

We decorate our tree

(With) Christmas cheer

We praise our Lord who set us free

Still believing

In my December Dreams


(So) Glad I found you

I'd be so lost without you

(I'm) So rich in my December Dreams