The following lyrics are taken from our debut original CD entitled 'Boo Debut'.

Outa' Love

Embers are cold, the fire has died
Open your eyes, there's nothing inside
Denial can't mask or disguise your insincere smile
Don't look back, we had fun for a while

I'm burned out of love for you
Can't hide what I feel
And neither can you
I'm burned out of love for you

I don't want to be so cruel
But obsessing on me, well it just isn't cool
Stop using guilt to school me, it's just a fool's tool
Get a clue, I'm over you

Out On A Limb

Playing a game
One I never win
Breaking all the rules
And letting no one in
Then you came along and swept my heart away
Now I'm lost in love again

Out on a limb
(In love)
In love again
I've fallen in
Oh, no....not again
I'm out on a limb
(In love)
Somebody pull me in

Free as the wind
No one got to me
No reason to care
And no more misery
Then you came along and swept my heart away
Now I'm lost in love again

Out On A Limb
(In Love)
In Love Again
I'm lost in love
And spittin' blood
I'm out on a limb
(In love)

It's easy as sin
To be taken again
Love has been
Bad medicine
And I'm still payin'

I'm out on a limb
Out on a limb
I'm out on a limb


Brooding in the dark
Intimidated by the smaller patrons of the bar
Envy permeates his soul
His anger burns within
Hate and fear are all he knows
He'll break your nose!

He has no love at all


Cold and Animalistic
He loves to hurt and maim
He's malicious and sadistic
He loves to inflict pain
A club rule enforcer
Handy with his fists
So, don't you get much closer
No sir!

He has no love
No....not at all

Overgrown delinquent
With nothing else to do
He will find a club to frequent
So he can prey on you
Eagerly awaiting
He keeps a vigil eye
You best not misbehave
Or you'll dig your grave

She's A Killer

Oh, she's cold
Colder than a lonely night
And you're too old
Before you can taste a bite

She's a killer
She's a killer

But better than I used to be
So long
Heartbreak and misery

She's a killer
She's a killer
Heartless and vain
Don't get in her way

No one's faster
She's a puppet master

A Frozen Rose

It's fine taboo
To be a man in love with you
Who would know
That our love would grow
Like a desert flower in the sand
Struggling to live again

Just when my heart mends
And I'm by myself again
All alone, I'm a lost soul
In the memory of a frozen rose

So, can you hear
My beating heart wherever you are
Hard and fast
Will it ever pass?
It's an old, played out familiar song
A lesser man would not be moving on


A fated love will always be
But the ride is never free
It's sweeter when we're struggling
I'd do it all again

I'm down on my knees
With a wounded pride that blinded me
You should know
It wasn't easy letting go
Like the winter rose longing for spring
Will time thaw your icy grip on me?

Even Spiders Need Love

All night
Waiting on your call
Oh, my
Spider's on the wall
Bide my time
Watch the spider crawl
He has no one at all

How I hunger
Longing for your touch
Am I wrong, girl
For loving you too much
A prisoner
In webbing spider spun
Is there no place I can run?

Even spiders need love
(someone to love)
Need somebody to love
To take into their hearts
Even spiders need love
Prey for love
Or be alone in the dark

Strive in vain
Linger by the phone
Writhe in pain
Languishing alone
Sticky sweet
Bound in silken chains
Are you so inhumane?

Even spiders need love
(someone to love)
Need somebody to love
To take into their hearts
Even spiders need love
Pray for love
Or be alone in the dark

He's On His Way

Down on my knees
Looking for answers
To my destiny
Can't I find the key
To the war that is raging
Inside of me
Tell me why!

Fallen angels envy
The choice of man
They're plotting and scheming
Perverting His plan
But call on His name
The demons will tremble
It's Judgement Day!

Yah! Weh!
He's on His way
To conquer and save
Yah! Weh!
He's on His way

From outside of time
Another domain
Salvation is coming
And Holy's His name
All who sin
Who open the door
And let Him in
Rest in Him!

The sound of war
Rebellious man
He can't ignore
Rock of ages
He stands at the door
Divine avenger
Wielding His sword


He gave His life
He died for our sins
Believe and repent, trust in Him

So alarming and grave
Is the news on tv
The signs are unfolding
For all to see
Jacob's trouble
Is on the rise
I think we better
He's alive!

As we're sinning
Satan's grinning
Self assured that
Evil's winning
But The King Of Kings
He's on His way
And soon the devil's
Gonna pay!

Love Is Like The Wind

Autumn wind
At summer's end
Blowin' in
Like a long lost friend
Remindin' me of said

Love is like the wind
Can't see it coming
'Till you're blown away again
Love is like the wind
Cruel and fleeting
Cold as sin

Caught in a storm
My heart is torn
Love is war
What am I fighting for?
It hurts like hell, but I still want more
Well, I've heard it said before.....that


With a devil's smile
You lied to me
Oh, how I was blind
I couldn't see

Wounded Heart

In the wake of winter
Come the end of fall
The winds of change
Bring destiny's call
In a pool of sorrow
A shallow grave for one
No one can find me
I've lost my direction

Wounded heart
The coming of the rain
Wounded heart
Still tender

Yesterday keeps calling
Time is on the run
I watch the moon rise
To chase the red sun
In the dead of night
I see a face so clear
I must be strong
To fight back the tears

Living with pain!

Wounded Heart
Passions fade within your
Wounded Heart
Turn away


Forsaken heart
Time ease my tortured soul
So distant
So cold

Am I alone?
Feel so alone

All song lyrics written by Rick Brown (Rikki Rogue)
Rogues In Exile