Rikki Rogue

Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar

Duties: Stringin' & Singin'
Likes: Grillin' & Chillin'
Dislikes: Hangovers That Are Killin'!

The founding member, originally from Oklahoma, Rick has played with several bands since the early 80s. After enjoying headlining status in Phoenix with a band he formed there called 'Din Ripper', he moved to Orange County California where he started another long running covers band. Rick's early influences include The Beatles, CCR and Grand Funk Railroad, but his fave decade of all was the 80s! Among his favorite artists who personified that era are The Bullet Boys, Tesla, Motley Crue and Kingdom Come.

'Davy Jones' Simmons

Drums & Vocals

Duties: Metered Mayhem
Likes: Rock & Rogue!
Dislikes: Traffic
& Anything Ultra Light
'Davy Jones' Simmons brings a jazzy flair to the band.  A jazz trained musician who knows how to rock, this wild eyed rapscallion is a welcome addition to the Rogue family.  Davy served Rogue duty on the infamous pirate ship 'Sailing The Seven Sleaze' back when it sported a larger crew of five.  Now a sleeker and stealthier version of what was, Rogues In Exile still presents a surprisingly formidable party of plunder.  Welcome aboard, Davy Jones!  May your second tour of duty be as profitable as your first.  Aye, me hearty.  Pillage well and give nothin' back.  Haarrrr!  Rock & Rogue!


Julian 'Hooligan' D'Almeida

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Duties: Plunderin' & Bass Thunderin'
Likes: Tall Tales & Cold Ales
Dislikes: Drama On The High Seas

Julian 'Hooligan' D'Almeida earned his Rogue stripes the hard way.  This pillaging menace dates back to the early years of rocking and rogueing.  Together with Rikki Rogue in a band called SleazySweet, he plundered regularly and well at such ports of call as Perqs in Huntington Beach and Goody's Tavern in San Clemente.  He later pillaged Cooks Corner with a band called Heartless.  Now he's back serving Rogue duty under the infamous Captain Rikki Rogue on his hardy ship of plunder 'Sailing The Seven Sleaze'.  Hooligan brings the thunder to shake your booty.....and collect some booty. 
Haarrrr!  It takes a pillage.

Little Richard

Duties: To Tease & Torment
Likes: Parties To Plunder & Pillage
Dislikes: Few Party Invites
"It's lonely at the top!"

Band mascot and playful pet, 'Little Richard' is a character inspired by his spiritual father 'Richard Cranium', whose antics are legendary within the Rogue family circle! An unwelcome party crasher with mayhem on his mind, 'Little Richard' has a talent for entertaining and shocking anyone unlucky enough to meet him. A playful late night prowler with a knack for self amusement, often at the expense of others, 'Little Richard' remains an enigmatic and often misunderstood member of the Rogue family.