Avast, Me Hearties!

Check out our newest Rogues In Xisle song


You can find it on our "Audio" or "Press Kit" page,

and if you tune in to Jango.com

you may hear it being played on internet radio alongside

such artists as Bon Jovi, Heart and The Scorpions.

So, if you haven't tried Jango radio yet, you've been missin'

out on some fine rock music. But, it's never too late!

Tune in now to hear songs from

your fave little ol' band from Huntington Beach, California -

Rogues In Xisle.

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*(Be sure to spell it "Exile", not "Xisle".  Jango doesn't recognize the latter.)



Check out our newest

Rogues In Xisle

original song entitled

"Thru Thick & Thin"

on our "Audio" page!






We proudly announce the latest graduate

from the prestigious and exclusive Rogue University.

May we forever pay homage to the legend

of David 'Davy Jones' Simmons - Drummer Extraordinaire.

He's paid his dues and can now be considered Rogue alumni and part of a special club.

We hope you'll always treasure your time here as we've treasured having you.

As you pillage and plunder your way through life, we hope you'll take this with you -

"Once a Rogue, always a Rogue." - Humbly Yours, Captain Rikki Rogue

Rogue Bulletin July 25, 2018

Rogues In Exile original songs from their debut CD "It Takes A Pillage"

continue to get radio airplay and are being heard internationally in such

places as Colorado, Virginia, New York, California, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas,

Illinois , Wisconsin, Florida, Washington, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan,

Arkansas, Finland, Portugal, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Turkey,

United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Croatia, Japan, Norway and Sweden.


As of June 2018, Rogues In Exile original songs

are now being aired on internet radio stations internationally

courtesy of www.radioairplay.com & Jango.com



Here's some of the latest as of June 8, 2018;

Laurel Diest heard 'Neanderthal' playing on a station with Heart in Missouri one day ago.

claritac heard 'Wounded Heart' playing on a station with Heart in Florida one day ago.

stbob1 heard 'Love Is Like The Wind' playing on a radio station with Bon Jovi in Minnesota 3 days ago.

czarina.casio heard 'Out On A Limb' playing on a Bryan Adams radio station in Saudi Arabia 3 days ago.

stbob1 heard 'Even Spiders Need Love' playing on a radio station with Bon Jovi in Minnesota 2 days ago.



To get your copy of Rogues In Exile's debut CD 'It Takes A Pillage'

simply buy one at a live show for only $12.50.

T-shirts and decals are also available for purchase,

but you must come to a live show to get your 'Rogue On'.






New in 2018 to our merchandise line are Rogues In Exile bumperstickers.

High quality with UV coating, check 'em out on the merchandise table at any live show.

T-Shirts & Caps - $25

CD's - $12.50

Bumperstickers - $7.50

"Having excelled at the fine art of pillaging and serving back to back tours of duty as shipmates on that infamous Rogue Captain's vessel 'Sailing The Seven Sleaze', Rogue University, steeped in the tradition of scallywagging, rogue rocking, tomfoolery and buffoonery, is proud to announce the graduating class of 2017.  My fellow rogues & vixens, with a deep sense of gratitude it's my honor to present...."

Steve 'Slow Train' Fleming - Bass & Vocals

Mike 'The Gigolo' Gigliello - Drums & Vocals

(Refer to 'Requiem For A Rogue' on our 'Video' page.)

"Good luck with all your future endeavors,

and may the soul of rogue forever guide your path." - Captain Rikki Rogue